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Current Legislation Overview.


As of the 1st April 2016, premises producing hazardous waste located in ENGLAND are no longer required to register with the Environment-Agency for a Hazardous Waste Producer Code.

You will now need to use the 1st six charactors of your company name on any paperwork that is produced in connection with the collection of your hazardous waste.


If your premises are in WALES and you produce or store over 500 kg of hazardous waste per year, you will still need to register as a hazardous waste producer.

You may do so by visiting the Natural Resources Wales Website.

Website: https://www.naturalresourses.wales/permits-and-permissions/waste/register-as-a-producer-of-hazardous-waste

Your registration is valid for 12 months and must be renewed each year for as long as you are producing over 500kg of hazardous waste in a year.

Your premises must be registered, or exempt, to legally permit someone to collect your hazardous waste. You will need the registration number to complete the required paperwork.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

Premises in Scotland and Northern Ireland are not required to register.
Please note.

While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this page is correct and up-to-date, you should always seek out the current information on legislation from the government body in charge of dealing with hazardous waste in your area.