West Oils Environmental Ltd


Garage and Industrial Waste Management Services Since 1988.

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact Page.

Q) "What wastes do you handle?"

A) Please see our Services page.

Q) "Is there a minimum quantity you will collect?"

A) No there is not, however small amounts of non commercial waste are accepted at your local civic amenity site.

Q) "Where do you operate?"

A) We operate within a 90 mile radius of Gloucester, but we are able to arrange collections in any part of the UK.

Q) "What are your charges?"

A) Please ring for current prices, we welcome all enquiries.

Q) "How long does it take you to get here?"

A) Our response time depends upon your needs. In general, we will pick up within a couple of business days.

Q) "Do you supply containers?"

A) Yes, we supply containers for everything. Containers are labeled and our contact number is clearly visible. However, we do not supply tanks for bulk loads.

Q) "What size are your lorries, and what quantity can you carry?"

A) Our multi-pot tankers can carry 10,000 litres.

Q) "What happens to the wastes that you collect?"

A) About 90% of the wastes that we collect are recycled. The remainder is landfilled or incinerated.

Q) "Are you licensed?"

A) Yes, Please see the Download page for more information.

Q) "Can you supply us with copies of the license?"

A) Yes, copies of licenses are supplied upon request, or see the Download page for current copies of the licence.

Q) "Do you supply the relevant paperwork?"

A) Yes. Upon completion of the work, consignment notes are supplied. You must keep your copies on file for three years.

Q) "Can you ring us on route, to give us an ETA?"

A) Our drivers all carry mobile phones, and where necessary, can ring before arrival. This is particularly useful for premises that need to move vehicles, and for farmers who may be out on the land.

Q) "Do you service interceptors?"

A) We can only take the liquid from your interceptors and therefore can only provide a limited service. We can recommend companies in your area when you need a comprehensive service.